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"Human Capital is key to the success of any organization.  Having the right tools to manage HCM can provide you a strategic advantage!"


Oracle HCM Cloud


Gathering all the information you need about your workforce can be hard when you have multiple human capital management systems that don’t communicate with each other. But Oracle HCM Cloud is different. It gives you real-time access to key information, making it easier for you to analyze workforce data and identify the right staffing levels for your future business strategy. To optimize your workforce today, you can take a closer look at any performance gaps and intervene where necessary – before they impact the bottom line. You can also evaluate whether your compensation strategy is competitive enough to retain your top talent. Oracle HCM Cloud provides an easy-to-use interface so you can do all this and more – making your job easier and helping you align your workforce to real business needs.


Oracle HCM Cloud is a modern, social HCM system that supports all aspects of the HR cycle – from recruitment to training and compensation to analytics. It delivers actionable insight so you can act fast to intervene in problem areas. And it’s cloud-based – so it’s ready to use quickly, saves you money and doesn’t overburden your IT people.


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PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management 


With PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management unlock the power of your organization by adding value to your workforce. By strategically placing the right people in the right positions PeopleSoft HCM develops top performers, reduce turn over, retain top talent and increase efficiency company wide.  PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management is the only enterprise-wide strategy for unlocking the full value of your organization's workforce. This application enables you to put the right people in the right jobs, develop and reward top performers, retain key talent for the long term, and increase efficiency and operating performance throughout your organization.


Our customers are able to streamline their HR systems, business processes, and technologies to reduce operational costs. PeopleSoft HCM provides a rapid return on investment—through reduced operational costs and increased efficiency. They are able to deploy employee and manager self-service to facilitate increased efficiencies, reduced costs, and a paperless environment. PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM self-service applications deploy secure, role-based information and transactions across the enterprise.


PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM applications:


- Global Core HCM

- HR Analytics

- Integrated Talent Management

- Workforce Management

- Workforce Service Delivery

Oracle Cloud

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