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Welcome to the CoRE HCM Dashboard

A Human Capital Management Solution Developed by DCL 

CORE hr Services
  • I am setting up the HR function for my new business


  • I need to know employment laws and practices 


  • I need a HR policies and employee hanbook

  • I need help with my HR Function



  • I need help with payroll



  • I need a HR and employee self service system

  • I need to review my HR Policies



  • Are my Salaries and Benefits Competitve?



  • I need to ensure my HR Strategy aligns with the organizations goals

  • I need to transform my HR Processes



  • My Personnel need training on a new system



  • I need a helpdesk to support my organizations goals and mission

Why Choose Us?

Our People

Human Capital is key to the success of any organization.


Strong core values and dedication to project success.


Focused on providing value and positive return on investment.

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