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Oracle Business Intelligence


• Cost of storing data in multiple systems


Many midsize organizations have pieced together their IT infrastructure over the years, resulting in a patchwork of different systems. Separate updates and maintenance on each application is time-consuming and expensive. Oracle Business Intelligence can interconnect systems from different vendors and consolidate the information they contain, helping reduce costs. Also, it includes easy-to-use analytical tools that help decision-makers detect hidden costs and process inefficiencies.


• Too much data, too little insight


With data in several systems, it takes too long to collect the information managers need for decision-making. This hampers their ability to act fast when responding to a new opportunity or to customer satisfaction issues. Oracle Business Intelligence SE1 delivers a single version of the company’s information, as well as powerful yet intuitive tools like dashboards and reports. These help users to access and analyze key figures or trends and make fast, reliable decisions based on complete and consistent data.


• Collaboration is being hampered by inefficient IT


Added to the daily frustration of not being able to find and analyze data fast enough, business owners and managers may know their information systems hamper efficient collaboration. Oracle Business Intelligence aligns and accelerates decision-making across all lines of business with consistent , actionable information. This streamlines collaboration between staff and with external parties like partners and customers.

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