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DCL’s Quality Management System (QMS)


DCL continually measures and monitors its performance as it relates to delivering a flawless technical performance at multiple levels and takes corrective actions immediately when we perceive a shortcoming.  That shortcoming could be addressed by quality circle meetings, post-mortem examinations, and/or application of corrective actions.  Cause and effect examinations are constantly undertaken to ensure a successful and positive customer experience the first time, every time.

DCL’s QMS prescribes that all projects have a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP).  The Performance Standards Summary (PSS) in the QAP normally aligns with the government’s Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) to encourage the pursuit of common quality goals.  The QAP supports performance based contracting by including SLA when appropriate.


Roles and Responsibilities

DCL’s Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) is responsible for administration of the QAP and assures proper surveillance of DCL Team performance.  The QAM maintains independence by reporting to upper management through a different reporting chain than the project managers.

The Task Order Project Manager (TOPM) ensures effective contract performance and enforces the quality controls built into DCL technical procedures.


The Chief Operating Officer, Tammy Dummars (703) 881-7850 serves as a point of escalation should any matter not be satisfactorily resolved by the TOPM or the QAP.


Methods of Surveillance

Any of the methods of surveillance listed below may be used as appropriate to the task order:

  • Customer feedback may be obtained from customer satisfaction surveys or customer complaints

  • 100 percent Inspection is used to verify the system delivery and correct performance

  • Periodic Inspection evaluates selected tasks on less than a 100 percent or random basis

  • Direct observation evaluates services to determine conformance to requirements

  • DCL self-reporting on performance and potential performance issues.


SLAs and Quality Assurance Execution

When SLAs are used, DCL’s QAP will include a Performance Standards Summary (PSS).  The Acceptable Quality Levels (AQLs) will state the level of variation from a performance standard.  The AQL is the maximum level of defects that can be considered satisfactory.


Reporting and Documentation

The schedules and formats for Program Management Reviews (PMRs) will be established for each task order along with the Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL).  PMRs review:

  • Overall program performance and corrective actions as appropriate

  • Critical open items flagged by SeaPort-e POC, DCL or Client

  • Service deliveries, maintenance activities, call orders and financials

  • Possible contract changes.


Quality documentation includes the results of surveillance activities and reports on adherence to SLAs.  Quality reporting will also include adherence to processes and procedures through inspection of completed checklists, signature pages, and other process related documentation.  

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